2016 Chamber Bowl Senior

All-Star Game

This years Chamber Bowl Senior All-Star Game was a defensive thriller, scoreless until the last 3 minutes of the game. The South led by Head Coach Mike Forester (Mt Pisgah) forced a turnover, then scored the first touchdown of the game with 2:43 left on the clock. The North led by Head Coach Frank Hepler (Forsyth Central) went 3 and out, then put the south inside their 10yd line on a well placed punt. The South ran the clock down to 1:19 before punting back to the North. The North drove the ball down the field on some key passes by Reid Martin.  They scored a touchdown with 35 seconds left, and Coach Hepler made a gutsy call to go for two and the win. They converted the two point conversion and secured the win

North 8  –  South 7

players of the Game

Offensive : Reid Martin  (Cambridge)   –   Defensive : Jacob Ward  (Forsyth Central)

Special thanks goes out to Mount Pisgah Christain School for hosting the game.

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Chamber Bowl Pictures click here

Chamber Bowl Pictures click here